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Nambiyampalayam Village, Avinashi,
Tiruppur- 641670, Tamil Nadu.
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Sri Vinayaka Builders Presents Sri Ayyappa's Garden Invites You All For Your Luxury Villas @ Sundakkampalayam, Avinashi Taluk, Tirupur District. The Current Generator of home seekers has a number of options to choose from when comes to selling up a home for the family with each choice having its own set of benefits and drawbacks most families are enticed with the prospect of owning an independent villa, situated in a piece of land they can call their own and free from recurring financial burdens such as monthly maintenance fees. We at Sri Vinayaka Builders are all about facilitating vill ownership for aspiring individuals and families.
Sri Vinayaka Builders is a Real Estate Firm based out of Tirupur in the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu. The Company's Current Project is taking shape as "Sri Ayyappa's Garden" a Community of 2 BHK & 3 BHK upscale residential villas for discerning families who are looking to get themselves a modern amenity-laden villa.
Common Amenities: *33 Feet Wide Tarred Road *Individual Pipelines from OHT *24/7 CCTV Monitoring *Street Lights *Overhead Capacity of 30,000 Litres Water Tank Specifications *Granite Kitchen Slabs *Grohe Sanitaryware *Legrand & Finolex Electrical Switches & Sockets *Main door in Teak Wood frame *UPVC window & ventilators *FRP branded door *Branded Flooring Tiles
Sri Ayyappa's Garden Luxury residences A Community of 2BHK & 3BHK Upscale residential villas situated at the intersection of two major South Indian Cities and a township, Sri Ayyappa's Garden is a safe space for families who wish to be well connected yet secluded in a world of their own. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life and rapidly changing environments.
Sri Ayyappa's Gardens is sure to convince you of the need for a calm and serene space to call your home. When we say away from the city is necessary doesn't mean well connected. The project will be marked by the presence of 33 Feet wide tarred road bearing streetlights, leading to the community of villas, along with every other amenity you can think of a current day modern project. additionally, all villas were redesigned to be Vastu compliant right from the drawing board. We Are Placed in Search City As a Real Estate Promoter in Tirupur.